Psychothera­peutical practice
1160 Vienna and Waldviertel

Taking a journey together

Life can be stormy.

Often, we are able to ride the waves of life, but sometimes we need help.

Excessive demands, wounds of the past or devastating life events can make us feel like we are sinking and then we don’t know what to do. Fears can seem to swamp us, relationships might become shaky and there appears to be no land in sight.

In cases like these, we understandably ache for orientation and security. Different life stages have their own kinds of storms, the crises of childhood and youth are not the same as such of adulthood or old age. Psychotherapy can help us, at any stage of life, to find new land, a ground to stand on, places of security and trust.

Read about my background here on my website, about what I can offer you, and about the process of psychotherapeutical and psychoanalytic treatment in the style of individual psychology (Alfred Adler).