I work in the style of Individual Psychology. This school of therapy was founded by Alfred Adler (1870-1937) and is a depth-psychological and psychoanalytical method.

It is used to treat mental suffering, such as fears, compulsive thought and behavioral patterns or depression and to support clients in times of crisis and need. Relationships can be improved and burdensome behavior or psychosomatic suffering can be alleviated.

The method of individual psychology can be applied to every life stage, from childhood and youth to adulthood and old age.

Psychotherapeutic treatment

Psychotherapeutic treatment takes place in a seated setting, once or twice a week. Psychoanalytical treatment in the style of individual psychology has its own special setting (lying down on the couch) and is held three times a week. We will talk about the right setting for your needs when we get to know each other.

Depth-psychological methods like individual psychology share a strong focus on the nourishing and supportive function of the therapist-patient-relationship. This special relationship can make experiences of trust and security possible which has a big influence on our way of life. Sustainable changes can occur and we can experience a positive development of our personalities.

I am committed to a secure and open atmosphere so that this special therapeutic relationship can fully blossom. Your willingness to engage in the psychotherapeutic journey is just as important for a successful treatment. Since I am legally bound to psychotherapeutic confidentiality you can be sure of a completely safe space in which our work can occur.

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