Frame conditions and costs

After you have contacted me via e-mail or telephone and made an appointment we will have our first meeting in my practice. This first meeting is also fee-based.

During our meeting we will get to know each other and will then proceed to find the right setting for your psychotherapeutic treatment or therapeutical personal development if we have decided to work together. I will take the time to get a good understanding of your problems and issues.

A session lasts 45 minutes and costs 70 Euros.
I’m glad to inform you about special costs for a psychoanalytical treatment in the style of Individual Psychology (Alfred Adler) when we meet in person.

Partial reimbursement by the health insurance companies is not possible. Payment will take place monthly by fee invoice.
You can cancel an already scheduled session for free up to 48 hours beforehand. After that the usual fee will have to be paid.